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119 Responses to Subscribe for a Chance to Win a Free Box of MoonPies

  1. Emma says:

    Love these things…they’re adictive! Any chance of making a low-sugar or sugar free one for us diabetics? Just a thought. Bless y’all!

    • Barbara Thomley says:

      Yes, a sugar free moon pie would be great! I love them and would love to be able to eat more often. For now, it is just a mini on the days that I need a few extra carbs.

    • betty ann robertson says:

      i love moon pies: i eat vanilla and chocolate: i have diabetes: but i
      still eat one or 2: just saying : so so good!!!! <3

    • AMANDA says:


  2. kay overman says:

    I love MoonPies and nothing is better than a fresh box from the factory.

  3. I love moon pies myself and I’m 62. Have to grandkids that I’m raising, would love to have moon pies for them. ages 6 and 8.

  4. moon pies for grandkids 6 and 8. like moon pies myself.

  5. Darlene Brown says:

    I love the Mint Moon Pie Cookie Yummy Yummy get in mt Tummy LO

  6. Maria says:

    Oh moon pie. Reminds me of my youth and even today there is no other pie like the original moon pie. Thanks for still being around!

  7. ramiro mosqueda says:

    Take moon pies to work as my breakfast. Makes everyone else envious lol.

  8. Ann Dendy says:

    love moon pies…especially double deckers.

  9. Debbie Mitchell says:


  10. Dara says:

    MOON PIE, u make me smile!

  11. we love moon pies ( chocolate is best) also we love rc too!!!! hope to win. my 5 yr. old would love this! he loves moon pies!!!

  12. Lora D says:

    Thanks for the entry to win free moonpies!

  13. gloria beauchamp says:

    I would love some Moon Pies for my Sunday School Class! 5-9 year old.

  14. david says:

    I like moon pies

  15. Colleen Campbell -Carter says:

    Moon Pies are The Best!

  16. Cheryl says:

    Free MoonPies–what a generous and delicious idea! :) I love the minis…lower calories – lower guilt!

  17. bj hale says:

    i have been in love with moon pies since i was young. love the doubledecker ones

  18. Peggy Rohrer says:

    LOVE moonpies! Always keep a box or two in my cupboard!

  19. Dawn Cramer says:

    PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!! Everything with PEANUT BUTTER is BETTER! Can”t wait to get my hands/mouth on these yummy little creations. Maybe I’ll chase it with a BANANA MoonPie! ELVIS WOULD BE PROUD!!!!

  20. Tamra says:

    Zap moon pie in microwave, top with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle with hot fudge….mmmmmmm! Just remember to only chew on one side of your mouth so as to only swallow half the calories! (tee-hee)

  21. Jason Wolfe says:

    Love em MoonPie an a RC

  22. Kathie McClanahan says:

    I love warm chocolate moon pies!

  23. Judy says:

    I’d be in 7th heaven to win a box of MoonPies! To win this Friday on my birthday would be even better!

  24. we love love moon pies! they taste good wth a r c cola!!! i love the chocolate and my son loves the bannana! so hope to win a box of them!! thanks!

  25. jean60 says:

    sure would love to win some moon pies! they are the best!

  26. Rose Melton says:

    Moon Pies and Mardi Gras!!!

  27. Jackie says:

    mmmmmm GOOD!!!

  28. Holly Schwartz says:

    I’m over the Moon for Moonpies!!

    Holly in Kentucky

  29. carol crozier says:

    I have been eating and using moonpies in alot of my cooking. I have MoonPies everyday. Luv Luv Luv Em!!!!!

  30. Tom Ackerly says:

    Love those Moon Pies!!!

  31. Brenda Arrant says:

    Love Banana Moon Pies !! They are yummy heated in microwave !!
    Brenda Arrant

  32. Vicki schlechty says:

    Im addictated to moonpies like i am addicated to girl scout cookies

  33. clay sharps says:

    I’m 52 and been eating Moon Pies since the early 60′s when my Daddy bought me my first one.
    I love Banana and Chocolate most, but there are no safe Moon Pies around me!
    Thanks for making my favorite treat!

  34. Jim davis says:

    Just had one!! Great with a RC cola, brings back such childhood memories, not to count the ones I am making this minute :-)
    Thanks Moonpie!!!!

  35. MOONPIES!!!!!……MOONPIES!!!!!!……..MOONPIES!!!!!!
    mini moonpies are my favorite meal of the day…..strawberry moonpie for breakfast with a tall glass of milk, banana moonpie at lunchtime with a diet soda after i eat my mater sandwiches, and a chocolate moonpie either in ice cream or piping hot right out of the microwave with a starbucks coffee after dinner!

  36. Paul Franklin says:

    if you put a MOON PIE on your head your tongue will beat your brains out trying to get to it !!!!

  37. Tonya Payne says:

    I love moonpies.

  38. Kayo says:

    I love Moon Pies, can’t get enough of them!

  39. Dianne Roberts says:

    Nothing better with a good cup of coffee than a double decker moon pie zapped in the microwave!!! Oh so good!!!

  40. Billy Kilgore says:

    Not sure how much longer I can save this R C Cola without a MOONPIE….

  41. Anna says:

    I love these :) I am so happy to find this.

  42. Deana Dunn says:

    With each bite of a moonpie, it seems to onset a flashback of my childhood! LUV them! <3

  43. Paul says:

    Woo-wee! Make a puppy pull a freight train to get to a box of ‘em!

  44. Angie Lail says:

    Love me some “MoOn pIeS!!!

  45. lela pruitt says:

    Luv me some moon pies. I’ll be 62 this month and I’m so addicted to these, my Daddy bought me my first years ago. I didn’t know they had them in chocolate mint. I’ve only had chocolate(YUM), banana and vanilla.

  46. Katie says:

    Oh how exciting! I wanna win some moon pies! Just need some rc cola, now! ;)

  47. judy mcclary says:

    This is my favorite little sweet treat. my 28 year old son’s nickname is moonpie. yes he loves them too. Hope I win a box. Thanks.

  48. Lee says:

    How about an RC flavored one LOL! I mean it only makes sense after all!!!

  49. todd craft says:

    I love moon pies i have a t-shirt with moon pie on it i would love to win just like the rest a free box would be cool!!!

  50. John Saylor says:

    The peanut butter ones are great!

  51. Linda Williams says:

    Grew up on moonpies from mobile where we celebrate Mardi grass, love the banana moonpie, but change is good, HEY MISTER THROW ME SOMETHING!

  52. Brenda Parks-Arms says:

    Love those Moon-pies…..the originals are our favorites next to the mini’s since we discovered those. Great for little hands and fingers to hold as well! Love FREE-so yes we would welcome a box!

  53. Sue Bradford-Moore says:

    I live in San Jose, California. Only way to get Moon Pies here is to have ‘em shipped. And I do. My co-workers look forward to their arrival. So if I win a box I’m thinkin’ we’ll have “champagne & caviar” (RC & Moon Pies, for the uninitiated!)

  54. BUDDY LANGLEY says:


  55. Kimberly says:

    Orange moon pies are the best invention ever!!!

  56. Grannylls says:

    We catch them at Mardi Gras. Before then they were a treat growing up, frozen and right out of the box. Now like to microwave about 10 seconds, oh wow, especially the bannana

  57. jean60 says:

    we love moon pies ( chocolate is the best but we love them all)

  58. Chickie says:

    I grew up on the Moon Pie!! Just love them…..Vanilla, Chocolate, and Banana….mmmmmmmdelish

  59. Gina Taylor says:


    We Love Moon Pies!

    My two year old son loves them too!!

    I really wished I could have gotten him saying “I want a Moon Pie!” When his Nana brought some to him one day!

    It was so funny!

  60. Melissa Dial says:

    Moonpies are nummy nummy. Always makes a party in my tummy!

  61. CAROL says:

    I Love them Moon Pies Great Taste

  62. CAROL says:

    i love moon pies

  63. jean60 says:

    i L O V E MOON PIES!

  64. jean60 says:

    I L O V E MOON PIES!!!

  65. Karen J Moseley says:

    They NEED to sell these in Minnesota!! This “Born in Louisiana” Gal misses them! Oh, the sweet memories of Moon Pies. Chocolate is my favorite, with Banana the 2nd runner up!

  66. kelita jones says:

    Loved these when I was growing up now hoping my granddaughter does to but have about 4mths til she can try them….yummy yummy yummy

  67. Warm a moon pie in the microwave for about 5 seconds…enjoy with a tall glass of COLD milk! C’est Bonne!

  68. Allean Smith says:

    Love Moon Pies, yum,yum- love them warm from the micro-wave after about 10 seconds, with a cup of coffee.

  69. sonny morrell says:

    any kind.yhe’re all good.did i say i love moon pies?

  70. Dianne says:

    I LOVE Moonpies!!! I have been eating them since I was a kid and I am 56 yrs old now. :)

  71. i love moon pies!! i put them on a plate [3 or 4]melt them in a microwave. thire the bomb!!!

  72. Brenda Jones says:

    I love the mini pies, chocolate, the larger ones are too big when my “sweet tooth” shows up. These are Just Right.

  73. william hunt says:

    moon pies are the best thing since frozen water…especeally with vanilla ice cream

  74. william hunt says:

    moon pies are the best thing since froze water..especeally with vanilla ice cream!

  75. Amanda says:

    Would love to win some mooon pies!!

  76. Heather Carter says:

    Love Moonpies! :-) Fingers crossed!

  77. Tommie McDavid says:

    Love the mini moon pies!

  78. Larry Winn says:

    Why can’t we find cherry moon pies in the store? We live in Jacksonville, Alabama.

  79. I love moon pies and my 3 y/o daughter and 3 y/o grandaughter does too!

  80. Mary-Frances says:


  81. STEVE RICH says:

    I have not had a moon pie in I don’t know how long. I would like to have one again for the first time.

  82. Christina says:

    Oh, how I remember Moon Pies on my summer vacation as a child. :) Heaven!!! I could only get them when I visited family in Mississippi but now they are sold here in California. They are wonderful!

  83. we gotta have some moon pies!!!

  84. Marchil Reddy says:

    My favorite snack from my childhood.

  85. jill says:

    Free Moon Pies? Oh my!!! Nothing better to make a bad day good and a good day better!

  86. trica j says:

    I love moonpie’s

  87. KELLY says:


  88. Becca says:

    Gotta love my moonpies!!!

  89. eddie says:

    I always wanted to try moon pie

  90. eddie says:

    moon pies are the best

  91. Natalie Moats says:

    Wow…LOVE Moonpies…..have a box of minis in the cupboard now.,.,well half a We cant get flavors in our area,,just the chocolate/original and once in a blue moon ( pun intended) we can find the vanilla…..Dying to try the peanut butter or mint!! IM OVER THE MOON FOR MOONPIES!!!

  92. Debbie Evans says:

    These are still my favorite snack & when we hold astronomy club functions we almost always have Moon Pies!!

  93. gregory bridges says:

    I love moonpies! Until recently, they were gone from my area for years, but unfortunately the only ones available here in Collinsville, il are the mini moonpies at Schnucks supermarket! I would really love to see the double deckers & single deckers moonpies return to my area! I grew up on moonpies & then they were gone for years! I’m glad that i’m able to at least buy the mini’s here, but want double deckers back badly!

  94. STEVE RICH says:

    Been so long I forgot what they taste like. Would like to try them again for the first time.

  95. Bill says:

    Thanks love moon pies….

  96. judy dobbs says:

    I love moon pies I buy themm a lot.

  97. Donna Hershour says:

    Love them Moonpies!!
    Love the original, double, mini, vanilla, strawberry, banana and have yet to try the orange. Cannot find Moonpies locally and it is frustrating. When I am fortunate enough to see them somewhere in our travels I stock up on them.
    I was so happy when I received your prize package several months ago, we were in heaven to have such fresh pies, they were amazing :)

  98. rosemota says:

    I love moonpie they are so good with icecream on top

  99. Vernetta Smith says:

    Loves Moonpiesssss hope to win a free box so I can take of my pregnantcravesLol

  100. Betty Hudson says:


  101. Cheryl Larson says:

    that would be like Christmas to win !!!

  102. Beth Richards says:

    Love those moonpies! Especially Chocolate.

  103. terry angel says:

    I love the minis chocolate,the best. Would love to tty New peanutbutter

  104. virginia mayfield says:

    I tried the peanutbutter moonpie and loved it.Moonpies stay in my snacks and I hope I am the winner of a box soon.

  105. Cheryl Larson says:

    I Love MOONPIES !!!

  106. Cheryl Larson says:

    I still hope to win a box of moon pies !!!

  107. Kathy Grant says:

    Who says that Apple Pie is the All American dessert…I say its Moon Pies!!!

  108. Kathy g says:

    Why is it so hard to find the Vanilla Moon pies? Those are my favorite,but unable to find them any longer. I love the minis…

    • Moonpie Mike says:

      Kathy – Have you tried asking the manager where you shop? The store manager controls what is on the store shelves. If the manager won’t help, do you have a Bass Pro Shop or Cracker Barrel nearby? They should have vanilla. Most Family Dollar and Dollar General stores should have vanilla too.

  109. Cheryl Larson says:

    wuld be so awesome to win

  110. jean says:

    i would love to win! moon pies are the greatest!!

  111. Elizabeth says:

    My one and only favorite is the Banana ones!!! Especially the little 110 calorie minies….

  112. Savannah Goodwin says:

    I love reading this blog :) Always great memories and brings back some of my own.