March Madness, MoonPies, Garden and Gun and My Boss

In workplaces all over the country today, people are not working much. Well, they’re not working for their companies really. They’re busy filling out their March Madness brackets and arguing about who will win here and there.

I was just at a welding supply warehouse and instead of welding supplies, the guys in the back were huddled around a bracket sheet, pontificating vigorously about who will get to the Final Four.

“My money’s on North Carolina!” yelled a big ol’ boy well know for his Tar Heel tendencies. “Roy will have them ready.”

“Awe come on,” said the foreman, “you gotta admit that Indiana is going to take it all. North Carolina ain’t even in the top 20, boy.”

“You ain’t from Indiana!” interjected a short, hairy forklift driver from Louisville. “You gotta vote for your home team. That would mean the Cards for me.”

“Well the Cards are good this year, but you don’t vote for your home team if you wanna win,” said the foreman. “You pick the best odds. There’s money riding on this thing. I’m from South Georgia, yet I’m picking Florida and Indiana for the championship game.

Caaching!” He did an awkward, spastic fist pump.

“So why you touting Indiana?” said the Tar Heel. “If you’re from Georgia?”

“Did you listen to me?” yelled the foreman. “This is why you cain’t get a truck loaded no faster than you do.”

I thought they were going to start swinging at each other. The Tar Heel started sweating and the foreman’s neck veins were all puffy and red. I got a little scared and perched my thumb over the nine, one and one on my iPhone, just in case it got ugly.

This arguing went on for an hour before the boss came out of his little office with the window looking out across the warehouse up on the second floor and the whole bunch of them quickly pretended to be working on a welding order.

All of that leads me to this. Garden and Gun, the very popular magazine of Southern culture has picked MoonPie to be in their Annual Southern Food Bracket. That may feel like a no-look pass, but this year it’s a March Madness gig and it’s all about the Battle of the Brands, meaning iconic Southern food brands. You can see where this is going: MoonPie is in the brackets.

So here’s what I’d like you to do, and remember, I hardly ever ask anybody to do anything. Well, I take that back, I did ask Nick Saban to use some MoonPies as recruiting tools, but that’s a whole other sport. Anyway, during March, go to and vote for MoonPie. The bracket goes up on their website March 19th. If you’re reading this on March 19th, that means today. Hey, I’d consider it a personal favor, okay? And if you ask my friends, they’ll tell you I know how to repay a favor. On second thought, don’t ask them about that. But still vote for MoonPie. It just might get my boss off my back so I can finish filling out my March Madness brackets.

Thank you. Go MoonPie!

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One Response to March Madness, MoonPies, Garden and Gun and My Boss

  1. Connie Lee says:

    Moonpie has my vote!