MoonPie Memories!

As one of the most beloved American snacks on the planet, nearly everyone has a favorite MoonPie moment. Maybe it’s the first MoonPie you shared with a grandparent, a family tradition or funny incident among friends. We’ve collected memories from numerous MoonPie fans throughout the years, and are happy to share a few of our favorites. Click here to read them for yourself. Hopefully, they will inspire you to share one of your favorite MoonPie moments with us as well.

When I was a child, I would go to the store, and get a Moon Pie for a nickle, also a Coca-Cola for a nickel and would put one in my lunch bag for school and thought that was great. I still buy them and I'm 95 years old.

When my husband Richard and I were dating (30+ years ago), "our" song was MOON RIVER sung by Andy Williams. We were poor college students and deeply in love. One fall afternoon we went hiking in a beautiful mountain woods on the edge of a river.

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