MoonPie Memories!

As one of the most beloved American snacks on the planet, nearly everyone has a favorite MoonPie moment. Maybe it’s the first MoonPie you shared with a grandparent, a family tradition or funny incident among friends. We’ve collected memories from numerous MoonPie fans throughout the years, and are happy to share a few of our favorites. Click here to read them for yourself. Hopefully, they will inspire you to share one of your favorite MoonPie moments with us as well.

My "Moon Pie" memory may not be a favorite, but it is one that I will always remember. The year was 1963, I was 3 years old, sitting on top of my parents dresser.


My favorite MoonPie Memory is of the day my husband and I were married. It was July 2, 1974. After a quick trip to the courthouse in Thomasville, Georgia, we came home to celebrate. You can see from the photo that the reception was small - a bottle of champagne and one MoonPie.


On our way home from a spring vacation we camped for the night. Traveling with three young boys we had snacks packed in the van for our trip. With van doors open and packing in progress the next morning, I saw a squirrel jump into the open van.

My favorite MoonPie memory of eating moon pie's was back in 1971 it was new years eve and I was in Vietnam there were 3 of us on top of a hooch we had been flying all day